Once the ring is on your finger, the advertisements appear! Every way you turn–WIN A DRESS! PICK A WEBSITE! BUY THESE FAKE HANGING FLOWERS AND FIGURE OUT HOW TO DECORATE WITH THEM WHEN THE TIME COMES!

I know my wedding is over a year away, but I just can’t help getting caught up in the midst of all the fun pre-wedding things! So I decided to get a bridal party together to celebrate with me.

My bridal party includes my sister, my sister-in-law, and two of my best friends–one from growing up, and one from college. I have another friend that I might add, but it depends on whether my finacĂ© gives the green light for another (he doesn’t want too many people in the wedding party).

The Scavenger Hunt:

I took blank puzzles, and I wrote a poem of clues on the back, leading from place to place.

“Dear [name] my friend, I must ask
A favor I’d like to redeem
Bust first an adventurous task
That begins beneath where you dream. [under pillow]

My eyes are sure to be leaky
where we will decide what to eat
By chance my voice may be creaky
Go look under soap for a treat. [under kitchen sink]

Our time together passes quick
We are always sure to have fun
WIth you I always get a kick…
What covers your feet when you run? [in tennis shoes]

Let’s sit [under couch]

Dry our eyes, plan a wedding, and commit! [in the dryer!]

Then, I made oil pastel pictures on the front of each puzzle (I had to use a setting spray that I feared would bind the puzzles together, but it ended up being fine). I like fine art, but you can do anything to the front of a blank puzzle… You can even get custom puzzles made from photos over at Shutterfly.

I separated the puzzle pieces per clue, and I put them into envelopes, which I stamped with a key image. I wrote tiny numbers in the corners.

I wrote a list of instructions for where to hide each envelope to my bridesmaids’ significant others (and obviously addressed the packages to the SOs too).

The last clue led to a present hidden in the dryer–a copy of my book, and a custom mug from Shutterfly with pictures of me and each girl. It was super fun to make (and I got all yeses!).

I’m excited for wedding dress shopping, picking venues and decorations, and everything else, but I should probably cool my jets. We have awhile.



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