I’m creating a writing course for NaNoWriMo! After doing NaNoWriMo several times, I’ve learned A LOT about writing a novel in a short framework.

The most helpful thing I’ve found is to start with an outline. I know so many people who quit NaNoWriMo because they ran out of content, or they felt overwhelmed with ideas and didn’t know how to choose one.

Outlining is great for many reasons, which I go over in my course video.

There is a ton of content out there meant to help you, but I’ve also found that during NaNoWriMo I most need accountability for the days that I don’t feel up to it, and daily motivation to get into the writing mood.

I’m currently editing a day-by-day course that will help guide students through NaNoWriMo with short, motivational videos every day. Apart from providing some inspirational content, they will address what your word count goals should be for a 75,000 word young adult fantasy novel, and what you should be covering each day, according to the three act structure.


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