I commute A LOT, and I always want to be working on writing, so I’ve explored a lot of podcasts out there. There are a few that I return to, time and again. My writing and the way that I view writing changed because of the effort that these people have spent investigating writing and the development of ideas.


This is hands down the best. I started listening to it before I even read Brandon Sanderson’s books (if you’re into Fantasy, you have to indulge yourself with the Mistborn series). He is a pro at worldbuilding, and he and other authors explore every concept of writing and development that you can imagine. The episodes are short and punchy, and you can remember what they discussed. It has a leaning toward SFF/F, but the episodes cover such a range of writing ideas, that it doesn’t matter which genre you write. You’ll definitely get something out of this. I’m hoping to go on their writing excuses cruise this year—where they record all of the episodes for the coming year.


Kristen Kieffer is sweet, and I love her approach to discussing books. She is down to earth, and she talks about aspects of writing and publishing that she has found relevant in her experiences. She’s encouraging, and her episodes sometimes act like mini-writing-pep-talks for me. She talks about psychology, characters, writing styles—she addresses editing styles and habits you can develop to be more productive. Her subjects cover all aspects of life as a writer. I love her podcast. She also has courses and other resources available on her website. Check it out!


My favorite thing about the Write or Die Podcast is that they have guests constantly coming on the podcast—famous authors who I admire, who share their processes. She has literary agents give feedback too. Her guests span the literary spectrum. It is hosted by two authors: Claribel Ortega and Kat Cho, and you get a real insight into the publishing world and writing life.


So those are my picks! If you’re looking for some writing talk to fill your dishwashing time or your commutes, I can recommend these three! Are there any other podcasts that you enjoy listening to that address writing life? Let me know on Twitter, @KcPane.


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