If it’s not obvious by the lack of symmetry between Goodreads, Libby, and my blog, I’m not going to write a review for every book I read, or attempt to read. It’s just silly when I have the easy option of plugging in some stars on Goodreads after trudging through weird, narrative hinterlands. I can reserve my blog for random rants… You know, really important stuff.

I’ve lately been considering the different ways in which I could make my blog stand out, or to build up a platform in case I decide to self publish. I keep getting really positive feedback from agents along the lines of, “I can’t wait to see where this finds a home, but it doesn’t fit my list.” After about fifteen messages like that, I think it’s becoming evident that there’s something risky about my manuscript. But I’ve worked too hard to give up just because my main protagonist isn’t a girl, or because I’ve set up a series rather than a standalone novel.

Yesterday, when I was out wine tasting with some friends, expounding on a tangent about the history of Grenache, one of the girls suggested that I create a podcast where I pair books with wines. The idea is still brewing in my head… Though honestly, I only know about 6 varietals really well…and I don’t drink when I’m reading. I’m still thinking about how I might merge my interests for a podcast or a Youtube channel. I have a recording microphone, so there’s no reason not to try.

Of course, creating yet another project, on top of my website, my art, and my books, wouldn’t exactly make my blog stand out. I sometimes wonder how badly I’m affected by shiny-new-idea syndrome. Just keepin’ it fresh, guys.

I’ll keep pondering after I finish my daily wordcount!


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