In the last few years, I can’t remember waiting for a book with such anticipation as I did for Queen of Nothing. These stories evolve around such an exciting premise—especially as I love books about magic that weave in folklore. These human girls grow up in Faerie, with the folk, and they each have important roles to play as characters develop and the magical world encounters political turmoil.

I read The Lost Sisters before any of the other books, and I was immediately hooked. The character Locke, who was both lovable and evil, was fun to read.

The romantic buildup between Cardan and Jude propels the books, and I actually got excited when scenes with the two of them came up, which I normally don’t do. Holly Black does an excellent job at creating tension.

The only thing that bothered me was how the cliffhanger of The Wicked King was resolved with kind of a cop-out in The Queen of Nothing. There was never any dark intent or complexity to it—like there was with Locke in the previous books. I thought it was too simple and easy of a solution. It would have been interesting to have Cardan actually be conflicted about having a human wife. As Holly Black built sympathy around Cardan, with his past, he became more and more perfect. I kind of liked hating him a little bit.

In general, I really love all of Holly Black’s books. If you haven’t read them, go do it. This is my favorite series she’s done.

The Lost Sisters 4.7/5

The Cruel Prince 4.5/5

The Wicked King 4.8/5

The Queen of Nothing 4.3/5


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