I listened to The Alchemist while driving to and from my parents’ house on the coast of California several weekends ago. I loved every second of it, and even sat in the car for a few extra minutes to finish a chapter, even though I’m not a fan of driving or cars in general.


The Alchemist read like a fairy-tale-esk story. The shepherd boy’s fantastical adventures growing up and discovering his personal treasure shared a lot of life lessons about ambition and success, connectivity and love, and a million other thoughts. I found myself relating each mini-lesson in the story to my life, and it read like encouragement.


If you’re looking for a short read, and you don’t mind a bit of didactic narrative, I recommend it. It’s a classic in the making.


4.5/5 stars (I’m trying not to give everything 5 stars because even though I liked it, it wasn’t, you know, Harry Potter).


Get it here.


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