I read this because I was going to join a book club talk about it. (Note!) It isn’t fantasy. It was an interesting examination of modern-day racial dynamics. However, there were no characters that I connected to, being middle-class, white, and female. It had some interesting scenes that made me think after I turned the last page. A Goodreads review I found summarizes my thoughts quite well:

“It’s a very engaging contemporary novel with a lot of nuance. Though it is clearly a critique of “white saviours”, Reid is careful not to let the characters fall into one-dimensional stereotypes. She uses these fully-fleshed out characters to explore the way well-meaning white people often overstep and actually make black people’s lives harder. “Protecting” and “helping” as a means of control is nothing new, but the author really shines a light on the way white liberals use these words to take over situations and narratives.”


Characters: They were all well-developed and nuanced, and I liked that the actions of Alix were pretty evil, which belied her pretty-looking life.


Plot: It all worked well. It came together, and the end was satisfying.


Setting: It felt realistic.


I don’t want to rate it. It’s not that it wasn’t a good book—It just wasn’t the type of book I like to read.


If YA general fiction IS for you, get the book HERE.


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