There were several interesting scenes and the world was interesting, but the content and the tone didn’t connect to me. I felt like I was in a middle grade witchy book, and then all of a sudden the characters were having sex. The protagonist is written to portray swagger, but unlike Celaena Sardothien in Throne of Glass, she just comes off as rude and unlikable. I thought lesser of the love interest for tolerating her verbal abuse. There’s also a weird anti-Catholic theme in the book, which I read as extremely offensive. If the writing quality were higher or more literary, I would examine it more, but it honestly just offended me.


Characters: They needed to be developed more. There was no reason to like the protagonist.


Plot: The plot was sound—with two warring sides, and a hero sent to save them from one another… There was some political intrigue, but I ended up skimming the end of the book.


Setting: It could have used more description, but I generally liked the different settings, especially the theater.


2.5/5. Meh.

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