My Life in Dublin by KC Pane is a short, entertaining study abroad travelogue. I designed the cover. Here’s the Amazon description:


Here’s the craic!

In a funny coming-of-age memoir, KC recounts her adventures at a prestigious university in Ireland, Trinity College Dublin, after moving from small-town America. Having kept a blog about her travels and adventures, she mines the past, sharing stories both interesting and humorous about discovering Europe on her own, amusing cultural conundrums, finding romance abroad, and fitting in. With bubbly, American optimism and tactlessness, KC bumbles through debate societies, literature studies, Irish tours, and social norms, leaving her own unique mark in Dublin.

KC showcases the quirky, charming characters she meets, remembers embarrassing moments, and provides travel commentary about seeing Dublin and the Irish from her limited point of view. As she wanders through rural villages and bustling Dublin, her irreverent travelogue will keep you laughing out loud and eager to explore what lies around the next corner.

Droll, moving, and relevant, My Year in Dublin shows how our differences can unite us, and how one girl’s brutally frank tourist’s-eye-view of Ireland helped shape her identity.


Other reviewers had similar impressions to mine.

“KC Pane gives us a humorous and relatable first-hand account of her time studying abroad. From academic pursuits to extra-curricular misadventures to bittersweet goodbyes, she leaves no embarrassing detail untold. Present day commentary fills in context and shows the significance this trip had on her life. It’s a fun story told from the heart.”

“While much of the book was funny, the end captured the sadness of goodbyes and conclusions of big life moments so strongly. We can’t enjoy those opportunities without the inevitable pain of going home, knowing we’ll never be able to live it again. I’ve had those times, all of us have.”


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