I read classics occasionally. I never regret it. They’re classics for a reason! I read this one after I watched the new movie (I know, it’s a sin). I. LOVED. IT.


I think it’s really special when books revolve around family dynamics. It makes me grateful for my family, and how my experiences growing up inform who I am today. Kate and Oliver Hudson are doing a podcast about this, too, so 2020 is becoming the year of thinking about siblings for me!


I read Alcott’s Wikipedia after I finished the book, and I discovered that she never married. There are some accounts of her that suggest that she might have been a lesbian. Because of that, I really like how the new movie includes the fact that Jo’s publisher pushes for her character to get married.


Of all of the girls, I think I associate the most with Amy. At the beginning of the book and the film, she is so unlikable, and then she blossoms. I enjoyed the addition in the film of her being in love with Laurie since they were children. I don’t know if that was Alcott’s intention, but I liked it.




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