This book began so mysteriously and fun. I was swept into the setting immediately. Overall, I think Craig does a great job at developing the mysterious and haunting atmosphere. But the story wasn’t tight, and it sort of fell apart at the end.


Characters: When reading, I felt connected to several characters. I liked the dynamics of the sisters. However, now that it’s been several weeks, I can’t remember any of their names. I didn’t get any lasting impressions of them.


Plot: I think if the plot had been tighter, I would be raving about this book. However, the end added a new magic system, and a bunch of random characters and it all sort of fell flat. She didn’t know how to solve the problem at the beginning, so it culminates in a deus ex machina.


Setting: The island and the haunting spirit of the book was written really well. I liked the magic, and the way everything was set up.


3.5/5. Fun, haunting read with a meh plot. Rate it for yourself. Check it out HERE.


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