I don’t know why it took me so long to read Graceling. My sister has been raving about it for years! I love strong, independent heroines that get stuff done. **SPOILERS AHEAD** When she traveled over the mountain, it felt like I was enduring it with her. Was it just me, or was there A LOT of traveling in this book? This one issue I have is the ending. Her character arc never completes. She decides she’s independent, and even after Katsa falls in love and shares everything with Po, she won’t marry him. I get that she wants to be independent, but she has avoidant tendencies, and I think those being unresolved at the end was disappointing. Back to what I liked—the king’s power to influence with his words—to sew deceit and chaos—was brilliant. Too often are we fed false narratives, and I liked that his power started to slowly wear off after his death. If you love YA Fantasy, read this. 4.6/5

I have the next two books on my shelf, and I’m ready to continue the adventure (thanks to my sister).


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