Although I loved Graceling, it took me awhile to pick up FIRE. When I did, I couldn’t put it down. Every page captivated me. The passion, the urgency, and the high-stakes adventure became addicting. I got one of those book headaches from reading too much, too fast. I stayed up until the early hours of the morning, and I swept away all of my social obligations to read this book.


Characters: I don’t know how she does it! Her characters are believable and brilliant. Their dynamics come off natural. No conversation seems forced. I had a sense of each character, even the ones she mentions in passing.


Plot: Normally I like tight plots, in which you can determine a conceived outline. However, Cashore’s books meander in exciting, unpredictable ways. She’s one of the few authors I’ve read who can keep me engaged when I remain unsure of what the end brings. I always find myself wanting her books to end more happily, but it’s just not her style, and it still works well.


Setting: Cashore’s world building is not only believable, it’s engaging. I could practically see the monsters.


5/5. Read it.


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