I was excited to read this book because it was marketing well, and I felt the hype. The magic and theater/murder mystery vibes were fun to read. However, it ended up being a little nonsensical. I couldn’t distinguish (and still can’t) what was part of the game, and what was real. The magic system wasn’t flushed out, and it showed.


Characters: I think if the fiancé were introduced at the beginning, it might make more sense. But there were some characters, him included, that weren’t developed.


Plot: This is an example of an atmospheric read that didn’t have an ending in mind. It sort of wandered, and I didn’t get a sense of closure at the end.


Setting: Amazing setting. It was fun to read, though I couldn’t picture everything clearly in my mind. It reminded me a bit of THE NIGHT CIRCUS.


3/5. Rate it for yourself. Check it out HERE.


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