I recently finished a project for a London vet, named David Cuffe. I was working on his ebook and print covers, in which he wanted to include his dog, Ella. He sent me his book so that I could make sure I got the cover dimension formatting right.

I clicked open the PDF just to make sure the formatting would work, and I stopped at the introduction–talking about him bringing Ella home for the first time. It brought back all the memories of dogs that I had growing up–that excitement on the first days, and the confused puppies meeting their new families.
We once had a little rescue puppy, and we didn’t know what to name her. We brought her to my dad’s work, and put her on his desk. She peered up at everyone, and then she peed all over his work project. She nearly fell off the desk with excitement, but we caught her and named her Ditsy.
One year, during college, I brought my parents a great pyrenees puppy. She was a bundle of white fluff. I put her on my parents’ bed on Christmas morning. My dad rolled over, and said, “No,” while my mom cuddled her. After opening presents, everyone was in love, especially my dad. But he had to maintain his appearance of non-approval. The entire day (and following weeks and months) everyone caught my dad secretly playing with the puppy. If I ever came home in the afternoon, the dog would likely be sleeping on my dad’s chest in the living room. “This damn dog fell asleep on me!” he’d say (quietly enough so it wouldn’t wake up).
Skimming through the rest of the book, and pausing on chapters that really stuck out to me, I realized that there was a lot to know about getting a new dog. In the past, I just took my puppy in to get his shots, and I never worried about anything else. Turns out, there’s a lot to know about dogs! I want my dog to be the happiest and healthiest that he can be.

I’m probably going to be one of those moms who reads a million books about children when I get pregnant. But until then, I’m going to settle on learning more about Hobbes!

When David releases his book on Amazon, I’ll put a link to it here!

P.S. Christmas is coming!


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