After the death of his grandfather, Charlie is left only with the memories of Gramp’s stories and his violin. When a pretty girl named Ridley steals it, Charlie and his sister Sarah chase her to an island they thought their grandfather had imagined—where music and memories connect the people to the forest, where consciousness extends to dreams, and where humans are met with suspicion from its magical inhabitants.

Before entering a forest camp, Engelot, Charlie unleashes powers from a kaleidoscope built by an evil queen to control the trees. Once in Engelot, he discovers Ridley is rumored to be able to help the camp fight the queen. As he begins to fall for Ridley, he realizes he’s hindered her prospects. Charlie and Sarah attempt to prove their worth to Engelot’s Council, but many people of this island despise humans, including Ridley’s family. Charlie takes a job hiding recorded memories from the queen while he secretly searches for a way to reverse the accident he caused.

As the queen’s power threatens to bring the camp into a nightmare dreamscape, the people become weary of Charlie. Will the memories and music be enough for him to save the camp before the Council expels him?

Complete at 74,000 words, it is written as the first in a series. It will appeal to fans who like the world-building of Holly Black’s THE CRUEL PRINCE, the link to folklore in S. Jae-Jones’ WINTERSONG, and the elemental magic of AVATAR: THE LAST AIRBENDER.



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