Social Media is an AWESOME tool for freelancers and small business owners. It’s nice to tailor a feed to the audience that you want, and to reach out to people that you otherwise wouldn’t meet. I believe that putting faces to businesses, especially small businesses, gives them more meaning and helps build connections.

However, making IG stories is TOUGH! I am not a shy person, but talking into a camera feels so flipping awkward to me. I follow some amazing women on IG, and they have it down to an art. Their clips are short, spunky, and fun. They get all the information they need across. They showcase their voice and talents in a seamless way. I feel like the gorilla on that famous evolution picture of the monkey becoming a man.


Me in the Evolution Hierarchy of Recording the Self

I am not IG story evolved… yet.


Hopefully practice will improve my “talking-to-the-phone” skills. I’ve been sending video messages to friends, which is fun. It’s a great way to keep in touch.

Like Snapchat, filming short videos on Instagram brings so much more personality to posts.

I feel like a huge dork filming outside, or anywhere in public. How do people do it, walking down the street, and discreetly in coffee shops?!?! How, I ask you?!

When I post a picture, I am careful about every aspect of it. I don’t throw stuff on my feed willy-nilly. Because it’s so carefully curated, I can see that a lot of my voice gets lost. It’s less genuine. Stories break down the divide.

But it’s going to take a lot of practice before I’m comfortable making public stories all the time.


Feel free to subscribe to my Instagram and watch my struggle.

Kudos to all of the beautiful people who have inspired me to give it a go. And thank you!


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